Tiz Deja Blue

2017, 16.2h   Bay Gelding
Blue is such a cool dude that I occasionally call him Blueberry, because he's so sweet.

Blue is a total beefcake and has relatively low starts for his age. He sports clean, cold, tight legs and no prior injuries. Vet has gone over the basics of a PPE and found no abnormalities in eyes, heart, or lungs. His overall physical condition is within normal limits taking into consideration he last ran in May. He has good feet and loves chilling with the other boys in the field.

Blue is lightly restarted at this time, but he is in full training and progressing quickly. He hacks around the ring forwardly in a loose ring snaffle.  He has a naturally balanced canter that makes me think, "yea, I could totally ride this horse in to a big XC fence"....one day. He also enjoys hacking around the farm. 

Blue is a natural at jumping. He can trot/canter small courses up to 2'.

 Blue is safe and responsive enough that I trusted him with my 11 year old student. She loved him! They walked, trotted, cantered and jumped around the ring the first time she rode him. She even got lead changes both direction. (check out their video below)

Stands on cross ties, good for farrier, good to bathe. Loads, trailers and waits patiently.

He has taken many field trips since he has been with me and is cool as a cucumber in new surroundings.

He recently visited the kennels to walk out with the hounds and also Double C Farm's Mountain Trail Course. (video below)

Amateur friendly, but best suited for a confident, knowledgeable junior,  amatuer or professional. Blue improves by leaps and bounds every single time I get on him. I'm so impressed with how intelligent he is.  I believe this horse has great potential in many areas. Great barn manners, no vices. 

Blue could go in any direction. 

Asking $10,000 (will increase with training)

For his 10th ride off the track (6/7/23), Blue came to be my "golf cart" while I coached XC (so I didn't have to walk). The video above shows how it went. I couldn't love this horse more. This also shows his first attempts at jumping.

My 11 yr old student hopped on Blue for the first time and absolutely loved him.

Blue's Big Adventures

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"Dream big, young horse." Blue checking out his future.

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