Jesse O

2012, 16.3h Bay TB Gelding
Great barn manners, no vices, a lot more GO than whoa, little quirky but in a good way. No rearing, bucking or bolting but he is forward and strong. LOVES SHOWING. Loves attention. Easy to bathe, clip, shoe, groom. Competed through 1.10m at schooling shows. Auto changes. Very confident at 1m and below, needs a little help from his rider above. Scope to keep moving up. This is my heart horse and is only available because he wants to goto more shows than I can take him. Ships well, VERY well behaved at horse shows. Clean legs, no maintenance, easy keeper for a TB, turns out with anyone. Does have a tie back, so requires that he eats off the ground and have his mouth rinsed out before riding. Looking for a person who he can have to himself that will take him to lots of shows. He's unique and needs someone who will accept and love him for who he is and not try and make him into what they think he "should" be. Loves to please and will try his heart out for you. 

Lease $500/month or $5000/year

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