Mystery Unbridled

2014, 16.2h Grey Gelding
In the three months Mystery has been off the track, he has excelled at everything I've asked.  He has the movement for the dressage ring, the scope for the jumper ring and the courage to event. He's happy in the ring and out.

 I've put adult amateurs on him for lessons and to hack out, I've put kids on him and he really teaches them how to ride. As a professional he is so much fun to ride because his talent and potential is endless. He figures things out very quickly. 

He is gaining the weight he needed coming off the track, and he is starting to put muscle in all the right places for a sport horse.

He loves jumping and is even getting his lead changes on his own most of the time. They will be auto changes within a month.

He loves going to shows and is happy to wait on the trailer or stand ring side all day long.

Amateur friendly, great barn manners, great feet. This horse has the kindest soul I have ever met. His only agenda is to please his person in anyway possible. He's great at cuddling, ground ties, has excellent manners. He's in your pocket but not pushy. 

He's a war horse of 42 starts who came off the track with CLEAN LEGS. He is tough as nails and never complains about a cut or scratch, but still sweet and kind. He could probably be missing a leg and would still tell you he could do his job without a complaint. This horse is a true UNICORN. 

He LOVES hacking out and will walk on the buckle for hours, but still has a motor if you turn it on. He crosses streams and enjoys jumping XC fences. Mystery could go in any direction. 

He is eligible for the 2023 RRP TB Makeover and could win most of the divisions. Do you want to win Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumpers, Show Hunters, Field Hunters, Competitive Trail, Freestyle? This is your horse. He's probably too tall for the polo people and I know nothing about the western disciplines, but if you teach him, he will learn. He might like sorting cows, but he is probably going to politely ask them to move, with a pretty please.  

No worries if he has to stay in his stall for days without turn out, he's still going to be the same horse under saddle.

He's been learning the basics of sport horse life and ready to be finished in your discipline of choice. He is still green and is best suited for an knowledgeable rider or junior or amatuer working with a trainer to finish his education.

And the big bonus, he comes with a built in retirement home. When he is ready to fully retire, his racing connections wish for him to come back to their farm to live out his days if you can't keep him.

Stands well for farrier and vet. Loads and trailers well. No known injuries or physical limitations.

2023 RRP TB Makeover eligible

Asking $12,000

First real XC school 3/22/23

Schooling 3/17/23

Mystery taking grandma for a hack

Mystery patiently waiting his turn

Flat Work 2/15/23

Jumping 2/15/23

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