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2015, 15.3h Bay Gelding
Amateur friendly, great brain, lovely barn manners, no vices. William is just a Dude! He's up for anything. He retired SOUND from racing after a SLOW, 8 race career in 2018. Since then he has spent most of his time trail riding through state parks. He doesn't mind the hikers, bicyclers and dogs he has encountered and bravely walks across bridges and through water. He has recently taken a special liking to being a field hunter and loves watching the hounds work. He's not bothered if the hounds come bounding out of the corn or are running in between his legs. William is a friendly horse and patiently waits in the field or on narrow trails in close corners. He is quiet enough to proudly carry a grandmother of 4 out hunting, without pulling or making her encourage him along. He will hack out alone or with friends and doesn't mind if his friends leave him or he has to leave them. He has great feet, spending the last 4 years barefoot and only getting new shoes to start hunting (for better traction). He recently started jumping and boy, oh boy does he have some scope. With some dressage education, he would probably like eventing, as well.
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